Anonymous: Hey so, what is every project sam is working and has worked on?


Anonymous: Completely serious, in all honesty, are you genuinely happy what your past releases? Like 100% still for it. Not looking back on it as in like "We were in that stage?" kinda?

absolutely not and i think ive made that (almost too) clear. im not happy with anything ts released, the only jb im happy with 100% is the new one, and i really like TLS but ‘seeing little ghosts’ is the only perfect rea release in my eyes. i dont hate the music we’ve made i just dont think it’s that great & at best shows promise maybe. its interesting, which is better than good music that isn’t interesting, so there’s that. 

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Thank you for the reblog orchid tapes. I wrote about Elvis Depressedly because I find that music extremely compelling and want to support it. I thought what I was writing was mostly positive, except for the parts that were intended to be self-deprecating. But once again Tumblr has shown me how stupid it is to write anything honest and sincere and post it on the internet. You’re so right, I deserve to be publicly shamed for drunkenly wasting someone’s hand sanitizer, that’s easily one of the top ten worst things I’ve done in my life, it will surely haunt me for the rest of my days.  



It is the eve of my 25th birthday. The list of my accomplishments is sadly sparse:

  1. I escaped the small town in Michigan where I grew up. The circumstances of my departure are the most troubling part of my history, but I believe that if I had not gotten out I would be dead or worse.
  2. I have a…

Urgh if you’re gonna come our showcases please don’t do things like unscrewing the lids on hand sanitizer attached to people’s backpacks, it’s not funny or cool and you don’t know if that person needed those for any particular reason.

Hi! I think it’s great and commendable that Mat’s music means so much to you, and I encourage anyone to write about their feelings when it comes to any of the stuff we release, it’s the kind of dialogue that we want to encourage and are constantly inspired by when it comes to running a label.

But I do think it’s pretty shitty to use Tumblr as a public forum to advertise the fact that you’re doing stuff like that at our shows, and obviously when we come across things like your post we’re gonna take a stand to clarify that we don’t endorse or approve of things ike that going down in situations where we’re ultimate responsible for everyone (or any situation, really).

We put on shows like this so people can come out and have a great time and feel safe and not have to worry about people acting like assholes to them. Even if it’s just unscrewing the caps from some girl’s hand sanitizer, that’s still an invasion of her personal space. What if that person had some kind of immune system problem and needed hand sanitizer in order to be a place as crowded as Shea Shadium? What if you came across a photo like that of yourself and read about how you just standing there annoyed someone enough to take petty physical action against them? How is that any different from us ‘publicly shaming’ you’? Gross dude.

eh nevermind what warren said is enough.

but yo saying shit like “music to slit your wrists to” about depressedly is embarrassing and shows a lack of understanding of who we are and what we represent as a band.  it also shows a disrespect for the severity of real life struggle.

carry on my wayward son. 

you deserve a lot worse than “public shaming”. 

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Anonymous: Are you "samael" from pill friends's new ep? if so, the dudes heeted


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centralist: hey what kind of guitars do you guys use? I am honestly broke as shit so I got a Squier Strat even though I know a lot of guitarists look down on those things but I was just curious

i have pretty much only ever owned squier guitars/basses and dont plan on changing that lol 

i have a squier tele & strat currently (tho the tele has american pickups and tuners). guitars don’t matter. amps only matter if you’re looking to record well/play live. innovation in 2014 means a lot more than expensive gear so don’t worry. no one i know looks down on cheap gear and if i met someone like that i’d probably smh at them 

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Anonymous: Do you like wavves?

i think the fact we both listened to a lot (a lot) of wavves in like 2010-2011 is p obvious ;) 

but ya still like wavves. first two records are great. not a big fan of KOTB or after

slow animal’s first ep/demos are also like wavves but better and cooler

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Anonymous: blithe field rules, have you ever listened to Spencer's band Best Witches?

yeah they are fucking great! so is his solo shit outside blithe field. 

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Anonymous: i actually like the songs on the torts bandcamp i literally think they're good like i'd rather listen to them than grizzly bear

as someone who really, really likes grizzly bear, i agree. 

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Anonymous: Didn't know you fucked with Teebs, he's great. You dig Shlohmo at all?

yeah i’ve fucked w/ both for years. shlohmo x jeremih collabs are still pinnacle of that shit. ‘bo peep’ is unreal to this day

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daddytissues: sick dog u dig tony molina he da shit

yeah he’s so fucking good

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