Anonymous: Where in nyc though?

like i just said, we will announce that soon, once greg gets me all of the info! but it will be in brooklyn 

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thisisnotcarson: I have only one request: When you play nyc, play the same things happening to me all the time. If you guys do this, I will be able to die happy.

we will!! 

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mikekolb: Where's the show on the 19th?

nyc! will be announced soon if greg gets his shit together and announces it!

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Anonymous: Wait so you guys aren't coming to New York? The entire thing was a joke?

we’re playing 3 shows! 6/15 nj! 6/18 philly! 6/19 nyc! 

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Anonymous: I emailed that dude about donations and making this tour happen and still nothing? Is there any news? Sorry if I'm being overbearing, I know you guys get that a lot. But I appreciate all of you.

lol oh that whole thing was a joke we never had any tour lined up i thought it was really obvious from the post. when people believed it i posted greg’s email so he’d be inundated with emails while he was in europe and it’d drive him crazy.

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glitzxy: pretty pretty please save up and come to california you guys are amazing and somehow made life seem more real but somewhat a fantasy? i dont know i listen to your music and i realize "the worlds real shitty" but then i daydream about dancing with deers in the forest¿¿ the moral of the story is please think about coming to LA soon lol

it costs a lot of money to do that. if someone you know can pay us a lot of money to do that we would gladly consider it. thank you 

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Anonymous: could you post the chords/tab for untitled-oct 19 ?? it's my favorite song and I want to learn to play it

i don’t have any tabs for any ts songs and i honestly don’t remember how to play that song or what i did :/ it was really intricate and the only time i ever played it was the night i wrote it & recorded 

i wish i could help more im sorry

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doll-f-a-c-e: where are you guys playing in jersey?

idk lol i will have to check the flyer one sec

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have you read the youtube comments lately

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Anonymous: i have 5 copies of your full length, yet none of them have these mysterious beautiful lyric booklets that i see on tumblr?

Those don’t exist in real life, unfortunately. I wish they did. The only copy is the one I have :/

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