benzo - teen suicide

oh jesus

still lolin at this stupid shit 
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glad i gave up playing in this band to hit the shmoney dance every day and get high 

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Anonymous: What do you think of the trap Lord himself a$ap ferg?

his album is in stores now

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You’ll Make Millions of Dollars
Adam Pichardo
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As far as bands doing songs named after themselves go, I’d say built to spill’s “look out, here come the built-to-spills!” Ranks just below the mp3 I have of cam’ron reading his whole Wikipedia page

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ontario gothic (foxes in fiction cover)


have fun



I get lost, too. 
I don’t blame you. 
You caught my curse for a while. 
I found it don’t shame you. 

Well, I’ve been wandering safe inside. 
And I know you’ve got your shit to hide. 

But in the volcano, you had a hard time finding the heat. 
And I’ve seen you scratching the skin from 
your teeth when you fever dream. 

You caught my tongue for a while. 
Salted my earth. 
I sent you back into the wild. 
Ash to my hearth. 

Toss me in the frigid sea, water all around me. 
I feel as it claws through my skin. 
I desire simple things: the bones in my mouth 
as I breathe and I spit out my sin. 
My skin is pulling apart now.

Yo this is one of my favorite Us and Us Only songs and I’m pumped it’s finally out and if you’re sleeping on it then you’re dumb as hell and probably sleeping on other cool stuff too like owls and fun dip and ObamaCare.

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We’re very excited to unveil the details of the second Living Spaces showcase.

Stoked stoked stoked stoked

cant wait!!!!

dope dope

playing this as ‘ricky eat acid’ caroline’s playing as infinity crush all my bffs are playing and in town yall should come 
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This mysterious bouquet of balloons descended from the sky in front of me as I was walking home from work last night at 4 in the morning

never forget 
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