DC snuff film Cover Art

Teen Suicide “DC Snuff Film”

Released: January 25, 2012


Teen Suicide is a pretty interesting project from the well known and admired Ricky Eat Acid. He released a little somethin’ somethin’  awhile back, and having reviewed it and loved it, I tried my hardest to keep in touch with this rad being so I can be aware when a new release comes about. Within the time that has passed, Teen Suicide has become a 2 piece band, as well as recorded this fantastic “DC Snuff Film.”

Teen Suicide possesses a dark, lo-fi attitude in which the complicated witches dance along to. Intensity rips through innocence, love conquers the hate we all posses if nowhere else but deep in our hearts. Forever partying, forever hoping for the day of freedom to arrive. The mindset of skating, the idea of the subtle independence that so often comes along with it. Slightly drifting at times, while oblivion is diminished at others. Clearing up the misinterpreted definition of youth. Lovely yet harsh; creating a late night soundtrack to the thoughts already creating your morning. Download “DC Snuff Film” for free here, and help support Teen Suicide on facebook!  



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